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Renovations - Foxglove

Why add on to your house, when you can remodel your home, and take advantage of the underutilized space you already have, and pay for!  Our client felt the home was too small, outdated finishings and plain depressing to live in.  She wanted to add on an area in the rear to sit and enjoy he backyard garden.

Rather than add on, we suggested remodeling her basement.  A new laundry room, sitting room, exercise room was all that was required for extra area she needed.  Then we tackled the 70's styled kitchen and brought a lot of light from the front room with a custom glass block window.  We opened up her foyer, and switched the old wooden door to a new steel door with a large window.  Our client was so happy with the result, she brought us back to update the rest of the house as well!